Super Yacht Repair

  • Automation, Electro & Instrumentation
  • Boiler and burner controls
  • Marine Electricity
  • Machinery and Plants
  • Hull & Superstructure
  • Test and certification
  • Automation, Electro & Instrumentation
Ship Repair aboard vessels, Gibraltar Bay

Our services are available in any part of the world, including onboard maintenance/repair even during voyage. We offer maintenance and servicing support for various automation controls in Marine and Industrial Sectors.
Our service area includes Installation, Loop checking, Troubleshooting & Commissioning, Repair and Maintenance of:

Fire Detection and Alarm System

Speed Log

Echo Sounder


Auto pilot & steering gear

CPP Propeller, control

Rudder Angle Indicator

Main & Auxiliary Engines Safety & Alarm Systems

Emergency Generator

Power Generating Systems ( AVR, Paralleling, Loading, ACB, Alternator side, Self Exciting)

MSB Instrument Calibration

Data Logger

Engine Room Alarm System

Functional parameter monitoring (e.g. Exhaust Temperature)

Boiler Control System ( Electronic or Pneumatic Control, Auto Combustion Control, Water Level Control, Safety & Protection System and Burner Management Systems.)

Inert Gas Systems

Oxygen Analyzer (Servomex, portable, etc.)

Fixed and portable Gas Detection And Alarm Systems for oxygen, combustible and toxic gases

Maneuvering systems


Ultrasonic Filtering Systems

Oil mist detection

Bilge Water Monitoring & Alarm (15 PPM)


ODME (Seres MK II & MK III, Marpoil, ITT, STC Marine, etc.)

Cargo Valves control and indication

Cargo Pumps Remote Control & Safety

C.O.P. Temperature Monitor

High level/overfill alarm system

Ullage System & Draft Gauge System

Repairing of any PCB Card

Fabrication of any automation panels (pneumatic, relays, electronic cards, microcontrollers, etc)

Test and certification of alarms, gauges, testers and monitoring equipment.

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Boiler and burner controls

Boiler Control System (Electronic or Pneumatic Control, Auto Combustion Control, Water Level Control, Safety & Protection System and Burner Management Systems.)

Inert Gas Systems

Oxygen Analyzer (Servomex, portable, etc.)

PLC controls: design, fabrication, test and alterations

Pumps and remote controls

NOx monitors


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Marine Electrics

Switchboard, Contacts and breakers

wire’ring and replacements

Motors: Supply, test and repair, Certifications

Alternators / Generators, repair and certifications

Power generation controls and safety relays

Galley and Plant equipment


Freeze and Chill plant controls

Public address systems

Entertainment systems

Light and controls

Fire damage

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Machinery and Plants

Repair and overhaul of main and auxiliary Engines

Pump repair and overhaul


Hydraulic Plant and system repair and service

Test and calibration of sensors and alarms

Valve repair and replacement

Pipe and tube repair and construction

Sewage treatment plants


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Hull, Superstructure, casings, Tank, Boiler and Deck layout

Steel: repair, replacement, design (By associated Company)

Aluminum: repair, replacement, design (By associated Company)

Stainless Steel: repair, replacement, design(By associated company)

Blasting and coating, by riding squads

Boiler tubes

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Test, calibration and certification

Load cell testing


Cargo hose testing (purpose test rig)

PV Valves

Yokohama-Fender safety valve test (in association with Fenmar Ltd)

Yokohama Fender condition Survey (in association with Fenmar Ltd)

Temperature testing and calibration

Alarm test and setting

Pressure, test

Gas Alarms

Oxygen sensors / monitors

NOx Monitors survey

15ppm bilge separator, annual condition Survey

ODME annual condition survey

UTI Tapes

Tool testing

Weight scales

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