Fire-tug “Anna” & duty crew rescues man in Strait mystery swim

Anna crew
The crew of three led by Julio Lopez (far right) on board their vessel, shown here with the lifebuoy and manoverboard alert which produced 15 minutes of dense orange smoke signal, assisting in the rescue.

Three Gibraltarian men rescued a man who is thought to have fallen overboard in the middle of the Strait at 8.50am yesterday morning.

Julio Lopez, skipper of the Fire-tug Anne, and his crew were in international waters and about to get alongside a vessel they were there to service when Mr Lopez overheard one of the vessels crossing the straits calling Tarifa traffic, the main station for any incidents in the area, to alert them to a man overboard situation.

Marking the position of where they were when the message was transmitted, the men noted on their return from their assignment that they were about three miles to the east of that position, they decided to return slowly and keeping a look out. At the same time, notice came in over the channels that a Spanish launch has been deployed and that a call was made to the Jerez helicopter station.

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JML’s launch “Polaco” aids in the repatriation of rescured French Mariner

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