James Molinary Ltd Wins the Titanic Cup!!!

The annual Infamous Cardboard Boat Race held in Ocean Village Marina, Gibraltar, in aid of charity was held on 3rd September on a bright, warm day. An event organized by the William Tilley Lodge to raise money for Down’s Syndrome and the GBC Open Day Charity.

Operations Manager, Robert Israel, designed, developed and built with aid from employees, James Molinary’s newly launched vessel “C/V Moorish Castle”

After vessel and crew were judged in Casemates Square, all went down to the launch site, where the races began within Ocean Village Marina. Competitors from various Gibraltarian companies attended and launched their vessels. Continue reading “James Molinary Ltd Wins the Titanic Cup!!!”

Gibraltar is seeing some of the worlds most luxurious super yachts

Super Yacht Octopus, alongside in Gibraltar, July 2011
Gibraltar was once home for the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet, offering anchorage, quays, ship repair, supply depots and dry dock facilities for the largest of warships, from destroyers to aircraft carriers. Today, a Royal Navy warship will pay a passing visit, the locals remembering when grey warships and blue suited sailors lined the harbour and the streets of Gibraltar. A time gone by when passing comments were on the grey funneled fleet.


Now, their passing comments are more likely to say something else, from grey painted ships to white and royal blue luxury super yachts, “I wonder who that yacht belongs too?” Continue reading “Gibraltar is seeing some of the worlds most luxurious super yachts”


James Molinary Ltd were contacted at 15:37 (Tuesday the 31st May 2011) by the Gibraltar Port Control / Vessel Traffic Services, and requested to make available at all haste the Fire and Rescue Tug “Anna”.

The “Anna” was engaged at this moment on a fender movement procedure in the North Anchorage assisting the tanker the MT Jack Jacob, preparing for a STS operation. Our operation team acted immediately and redeployed the “Anna” to the fire scene whist simultaneously putting the vessels “Polaco” and the oil spill response vessel “Alex” at the disposal of the Port. The Fire fighting crew of the “Anna” were contacted and made there way to the port where the “Polaco” was waiting to take them to the vessel, the onboard crew had prepared the vessel ready and were standing near the fire scene, by 15:40 the duty marine engineer was onboard running through the checklist prior to start-up of the fire fighting pumps. Continue reading “FIRE FIGHTING OPERATION AT THE WASTE OIL RECEPTION AND PROCESSING FACILITY “S.O.R.T”. NORTH MOLE, GIBRALTAR.”

JML’s launch “Polaco” aids in the repatriation of rescured French Mariner

US Coast Guard crews in combined efforts with the crew of the cargo vessel Megalodon rescued a sailor aboard a life raft Friday, approximately 420 nautical miles northeast of Puerto Rico.

Cedric George Barriere, a 41-year-old French citizen, was forced to abandon the French-flagged sailing vessel Tepacap, after the vessel reportedly capsized and started to sink. Continue reading “JML’s launch “Polaco” aids in the repatriation of rescured French Mariner”